Veil & Underskirt Cleaning

Following your big day, it’s likely that your veil will show significant signs of wear. This is largely due to the nature of the fabric used, and is especially the case if your veil is particularly long. 

Being made with delicate fabric, including lace, chiffon and fine tulle, veils require a gentle cleaning process carried out with a delicate hand to ensure they don’t suffer any further damage whilst being restored. Similarly, bridal underskirts, often constructed with satin or silk, will need to be cleaned with an equally delicate hand, and our team can help.

Our Cleaning Process

Using our specialist knowledge and expertise, our cleaning process will be tailored to achieve the very best results for your garment or item, taking into account fabric, construction and any embellishments.

1. Collect

Select a collection date that works for you, package your garment/item securely, and leave it in the hands of our trusted courier. We’ll be in touch once it has arrived safely with us!

2. Inspect

Your item will be processed and assigned to a member of our team, who will then conduct a thorough inspection, assessing any stains or marks and drafting a tailored cleaning solution accordingly.

3 Clean

With several options available to us for cleaning your garment/item, we’ll select the process that’s most effective, ensuring it is cleaned properly and safely.

4. Approve

Your garment/item will undergo a thorough post-cleaning inspection to ensure our meticulously high standards have been met. Should a second cleaning be required, we will repeat the process, using spot-cleaning for particularly stubborn stains.

5. Finish

Your item will be carefully finished by hand, ensuring that it arrives with you nicely boxed and freshly pressed.

6. Pack & Deliver

Once it’s been delicately packaged in a sturdy postage box, your item will be shipped back to you, with a return due date confirmed, so you can know when to expect it. Deluxe presentation boxes are also available to purchase.