About Us

From the first time you tried on your gown and realised it was the one, to planning and organising the day, the stresses and worries and nervous sticky palms, saying your vows, your first kiss as a married couple, through to your first dance.. your bridal gown will hold a special place in your life.

So to preserve your bridal gown and its memories, it is essential that you have it cleaned and prepared for storage professionally to prevent any fading, damage and ageing.

We are a family run business specialising in the cleaning of wedding dresses and other attire, treating every item and client individually, with the care and attention you both deserve.

Choosing a non-specialist gown cleaner many result in severe damage to your gown, such as beadwork melting due to incorrect solvents being used, dissolving glue that holds diamantes in place, and paints can run or fade.

Our exclusive and unique SOFTWASH® is specifically developed to clean these types of embellishments and designs without any damage, keeping your gown in pristine condition. The specially developed process is designed to clean any wedding gown including silk, delicate, embellished and hand painted gowns. It is gentle enough to cope with anything that the designers can dream up.

We also clean and prepare bridesmaids dresses, bridal footwear, mother of the bride outfits and occasional wear too.

What are the benefits of SOFTWASH®?

  • A superior natural way of cleaning fabrics
  • No harsh chemicals such as chlorine or phosphates are used protecting both your garments and you
  • Uses water and mild biodegradable detergents instead of polluting chemicals such as PERC, so no toxic waste is produced
  • Leaves a fresh natural scent instead of a chemical odour
  • Removes organic stains better than dry cleaning
  • Turn around time is half that of dry cleaning
  • There are minimal epidermal issues and the process is hypoallergenic and more suitable for sensitive skin
  • Gentle drum rotation with water showering means less felting, matting, friction and overall material damage