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Like the bond you’ve made with your loved one, memories of your special day will last a lifetime, and we’re here to make sure your wedding dress does, too.

In an instant, your big day is over, but your wedding dress, if properly preserved, will last forever for you to treasure. It may even be worn by a future bride in your family. Even if you aren’t sure whether you want to preserve your gown, getting your wedding dress cleaned is essential. Although these gowns are only worn for one day, they can acquire significant soiling from champagne, frosting, and dirt, not to mention perspiration from dancing the night away.

Professional wedding dress cleaning is necessary even if you don’t see any visible stains. Sugar from the cake might not be visible to the naked eye, but if allowed to remain on the gown, it will turn brown over time. Other unseen stains will oxidize over time and turn an unsightly yellow. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by requesting professional wedding gown cleaning from our experienced team.

To preserve your wedding dress and its memories it is essential that you have it cleaned and stored in a very particular fashion to prevent fading, damage and ageing!

If you take your Bridal Gown to a non-specialist gown cleaner or to someone who just works on a commission basis and hands the dress to a factory for processing, many disastrous things can happen like beads melting with the wrong solvent, glue for sticking diamantes will dissolve and paints will run or fade.

Our SOFTWASH® is specifically designed to clean these types of trim and designs without any problems keeping your gown in pristine condition.

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